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This tour highlights forty-one individuals who were freedom seekers, abolitionists, UGRR operatives, and significant supporters. This follows the 2016 United States Department of the Interior’s National Park Service (“NPS”) recognition of Elmwood Cemetery as a Significant Site for the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom because of those who participated in or supported Detroit’s network and are buried here at Elmwood. We have just completed our production of the map that was made possible through a grant from the Association of the Study of African American Life and History, funded by the National Park Service Department of the Interior, and is based upon research completed by Carol Mull, Gabrielle Lucci and Joan Capuano. NPS indicated our “project to be very exciting and feel that it will advance the goals of preserving the history of the Underground Railroad and informing the public. We commend your creativity in developing the proposal and your dedication to this important part of our heritage.” Download the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom self-guided tour map here.