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Elmwood Cemetery offers a wide variety of services and options from which you may choose. From traditional burial in our gardens, to our mausoleums, which feature above ground entombment and niche selections, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’ve selected a place of distinction. Individual and family spaces are available in various settings, offering alternative surroundings to satisfy your personal preferences. We encourage your desire to create an enduring memorial that is both personal and distinctive.

Elmwood’s Advisors provide caring and professional guidance, fully and clearly explaining all of the details involved in planning. Their years of experience working with virtually every family preference and individual situation, enable them to present you with a wide array of options. They’ll guide you through the selection process so you’ll feel certain you’ve made the decisions that are right for you and your family.

Please contact our office by calling 313-567-3453 to schedule an appointment to discuss your burial needs.