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In 1776 our democracy was founded and its principles were set out clearly. It was established and shaped by the courageous and thoughtful actions of those who have come before us. Elmwood is the final resting place of 7 governors, 11 U.S. senators, and 30 mayors of Detroit. They, along with many others, took advantage of the ability to establish and grow businesses here. They also recognized and met the real need for civic responsibility at times when the city and country were undergoing dramatic change. Download the Leadership Legacies self-guided tour map here.

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Welcome and Introduction

1. William Woodbridge

2. Lewis Cass

3. Col. Elijah Brush

4. Oliver M. Hyde

5. Ralph Phelps, Jr.

6. Jonathan Kearsley

7. Thomas W. Palmer

8. George Codd

9. Levi Cook

10. William W. Wheaton

11. John R. Williams

12. Christian H. Buhl

13. John C. Lodge

14. Robert McClelland

15. Truman Newberry

16. John H. Harmon

17. Dr. Douglas Houghton

18. Hugh Moffat

19. John Patton

20. Coleman A. Young

21. Kirkland Barker


22. John Ladue

23. James McMillan

24. Jacob M. Howard

25. Dr. Marshall Chapin

26. Frederick Buhl

27. Charles D. Howard

28. Stephen B. Grummond

29. John Norvell

30. William A. Howard

31. Alexander Lewis

32. William C. Duncan

33. Dr. Zina Pitcher

34. Zachariah Chandler

35. William C. Maybury

36. Lucius Lyon

37. George B. Porter

38. Major John Biddle

39. DeGarmo Jones

40. Henry P. Baldwin

41. Charles C. Trowbridge

42. Solomon S. Sibley

43. Russell A. Alger


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