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Leaders who spearheaded great businesses. They were owners, presidents, investors, and directors. They were visionary, smart, persistent, influential and passionate. The individuals highlighted are some of Elmwood’s business people who had a significant impact on growing Detroit into a dynamic city. Download the Business Visionaries self-guided tour map here.

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Welcome and Introduction

1. Dr. Alexander Blain, Jr.

2. Frederick Rolshoven

3. Emory Leyden Ford

4. Horace Caulkins

5. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.

6. Russell A. Alger, Jr.

7. George DeBaptiste

8. Daniel Campau

9. James Frederick Joy

9. Henry Bourne Joy

9. Richard P. Joy

10. Luther Beecher

11. Jerome H. Remick

12. DeGarmo Jones

13. John Dana Standish

14. August A. Goebel

15. Chief (Dr.) Augustine Kayode Kole James

16. Jacob Shaw Farrand

17. William A. Burt

18. Shubael Conant

19. Theodore Henry Hinchman

19. Theodore Hinchman, Jr.

20. Frederick Buhl

21. John Owen

22. Charles D. Howard

23. Stephen B. Grummond

24. Theodore Horatio Eaton

25. Hervey Coke Parke

26. James D. Standish

27. Bernhard Stroh

28. Martha Jean Steinberg

29. David Albert Molitor

30. Thomas Berry

31. Cameron Waterman

32. Truman Newberry

33. Joseph Campau

34. James McMillan

35. Hiram Walker

36. Joseph Berry

37. Ernst Kern

38. Charles DuCharme

39. Christian H. Buhl

39. Theodore DeLong Buhl

39. Arthur H. Buhl

40. John Pearson Clark

41. Oliver M. Hyde

42. Eber Brock Ward

43. Henry B. Ledyard

44. George B. Russel

44. George H. Russel

44. Henry Russel

45. Don Davis

45. Clyde Hopkins

46. Eugene W. Lewis


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