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Annette was born in New Haven, Vermont on July 29, 1840, at the home of her grandparents. She was the daughter of William Gilmore Henry and Huldana Squire. She moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan with her parents.

Annette Henry met Russell Alger after he had moved to Grand Rapids to set up his lumbering business. They were married on April 2, 1861, shortly before he entered the Army for service in the Civil War.

In 1865, after the Civil War, Russell Alger returned to his lumber business and they relocated to Detroit. The Alger lumbering interests grew to be some of the largest in the state.

Annette was described as a slender woman of fair complexion, intelligent and attractive. The Algers had nine children. She was gifted with many accomplishments and was a charming hostess. The children were described as bright and promising.

Active in Republican politics Russell Alger became Governor of Michigan in 1885, and his wife the “First Lady”. In 1897, Alger was appointed Secretary of War by President McKinley. The Algers moved to Washington where Annette continued her supporting role. The couple entertained international celebrities and diplomats. Mr. Alger left the McKinley cabinet in 1899 and they returned to their home in Detroit.

In 1902 Michigan Governor Bliss appointed Alger to fill the unexpired term of James McMillan in the U. S. Senate. The Algers again moved to Washington where they remained until Senator Alger’s death in 1907. Mrs. Alger returned to their home at 150 W. Fort in Detroit.

A woman of exquisite taste and manners, Mrs. Alger continued her social obligations and philanthropic activities. In 1911 she moved to Grosse Pointe and resided at the home of her son Russell Jr. She died on August 24, 1919, at the age of 79.

Born: July 29, 1840
Died: August 24, 1919
Buried: Alger Mausoleum