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James Pittman, Jr. was born on September 5, 1826 at Tecumseh, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan. He led an active life as a merchant and civil servant in Detroit. He was a coal and fuel dealer in the 1850’s, a director of the Detroit Board of Trade, the Detroit YMCA and the Detroit Savings Bank. He was Detroit Police Superintendent and Commissioner as well as Inspector of the House of Corrections. In 1851, he married Elizabeth Hutchinson of Bristol, Pennsylvania and they had four children.

Pittman’s military service began in the 1840’s as a member of the Brady Guards during the Mexican War, when he served as Adjutant. He was later captain of the Detroit Light Guard Reserve and in 1861 was a colonel in charge of Fort Wayne under General A. S. Williams. He commanded the 5th, 6th and 7th Regiments at Fort Wayne and was appointed Inspector General of the Michigan Militia. He was commissioned Brigadier General on the staff of Governor Austin Blair in 1861. General Pittman organized, trained and equipped many of the troops who left Detroit for action in the Civil War. One of these was the 17th Michigan Infantry, the famous Stonewall Regiment.

After the war, Pittman returned to an active life of business and civil service. He died at the age of 75.

Born: September 5, 1826
Died: November 11, 1901
Buried: Section A, Lot 93