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African-American Heritage Audio Tour

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Welcome and Introduction

1. Dr. Charles Wright

 2. William Ferguson, Alfred M. Pelham, Benjamin Pelham, Joseph Pelham, Robert Pelham, Frederick Pelham

3. Harry P. Guy

 4. Dr. James W. Ames

5. Elizabeth Denison Forth

6. Julian P. Rogers

7. John C. Dancy

8. Theodore Finney, Fred Hart Williams

9. Frances E. L. Preston

10. Madame Emma Azalia Smith Hackley

11. Dr. Henry E. Thompson, Edward L. Gordon, Mittie Buenya Gordon

12. Richard Bush, Amanda "Minda" Lynch

13. D. Augustus Straker

14. Rev. Robert Bradby, Jr.

15. Charleszetta "Mother" Waddles

16. Martha Jean "The Queen" Steinberg

17. Samuel Codes Watson

18. James H. Cole, Sr.

19. Tyrone Brooks

20. The Honorable Claudia House Morcom

21. Marcena Taylor

22. Curtis Randolph

23. Lomax B. Cook

24. Kermit G. Bailer

25. Arthur Moses Bowman

26. Dr. William Thomas Love, Josephine Harreld Love

27. Members of 102nd U.S. Colored Infantry

28. Dr. Joseph Ferguson, William Webb, Charles Stone

29. John D. Richards, Fannie Richards

30. Coleman A. Young

31. William Nathaniel "Sunny" Wilson

32. Billie Willis

33. Wilson A. Copeland, Rev. James A. Charleston

34. Thomas "Beans" Bowles

35. Ernest E. Rogers, Jr.

36. Lorenzo C. Wright

37. Chief Dr. Augustine Kayode Kole James

38. Robert Millender, Sr., Joyce Garrett

39. William Lambert

40. John Bailey

41. James Robinson

42. George DeBaptiste

43. Jacques "Jack" Surrell

44. Dr. Norman McRae

45. Dudley Randall

46. Jim Ingram

47. Theodore Guy Buckner, Sr.

48. Cora Brown

49. Edith Gamble

50. George Slaton, Jessie Slaton

51. Rev. Robert Bradby, Sr.  Rosa L.S. Gragg

52. Clyde Hopkins, P.E.

53. Erma Henderson, Rev. Herbert B. Robinson, Don Davis, Hon. Roy L. Roulhac


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