Historic Elmwood Cemetery & Foundation

Historic Elmwood Cemetery & Foundation

Where Detroit's History Endures

Markers and Memorials

elmwood markersElmwood Cemetery is a place of diversity in the range and scope of the artistic memorials that have been placed here to honor those at rest. More than designating a burial location, memorials serve as a reminder and a celebration of the life of a loved one. From lawn level markers on individual graves, to family monuments, each memorial at Elmwood can be customized to a family’s wishes. You may choose from an array of sizes and styles offered from a selection of top quality manufacturers. Using the finest materials, from bronze to granite, available in a variety of shades and colors, your memorial can be personalized with a meaningful statement and design. An experienced advisor will review the variety of choices available so that you can create a memorial that will be a lasting tribute for you and your loved ones.

Marker and Monument Memorial Cleaning

Floral and Holiday Tributes